Body Magik is a boutique Day Spa with a storefront location in the heart of Los Angeles established in 2020.  The owners, Patricia and Dom, are a mother and daughter team offering a variety of spa treatments, piercing services, and high quality natural products at reasonable prices to service the community.


Patricia holds an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts, and has been a Mary Kay beauty consultant and a sales representative for Warm Spirits bath and body products.  In addition to her love for pampering, she has been a licensed real estate agent, a singer and a bus operator for LA County Metro.  Patricia's most recent educational experience was at the Esthetics program under Neihulé Academy of Beauty.


Dom holds a Bachelor degree in Cultural Anthropology and served as an intern at USC Medical Center Internship program.  Dom has successfully managed a piercing and tattoo parlor in West Hollywood on Melrose for the past 8 years.


Both are carrying on their family legacy of business ownership... from Mississippi and Louisiana in the “Silent Generation”, to California during the “Baby Boomers” and now the “Millennials” era.


Patricia and Dom established this small business in Los Angeles named "Body Magik Boutique” in February 2020 to provide massage, nails, piercing and skincare.  


Needless to say, Covid-19 has made it very challenging to do business.  However, the local residence in the area are excited to have a local business to provide them with these special services and products.  We appreciate the support and strive to become a mainstay in the community.